Something good about Facebook

First off, the bad grammar in the following is intentional, because screw grammar/spelling authoritarians! Language is the only real direct democracy dammit, so don't let the fascist English teachers take that away from you with their arbitrary rules!

Facebook says today is a "friendversary," marking the day that me and Mitchell became friends on Facebook. Normally, I ignore Facebook when it spams me with such things, but I couldn't help but notice the huge impact that Mitchell has had on my life.

Mitchell introduced me to Food Not Bombs, which is where I met most of my friends, and he also introduced me to the lovely lady that I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with, Sylvia. If it hadn't been for Mitchell, I probably would never have gotten into FNB, never would have met Sylvie, never would have gotten to hang out and live with all the folks at No Limit Inclusive Housing-Cooperative, never would have went to my first Burn (regional Burning Man event). I never would have had most of the experiences that led me to where I am today.

If I had never met Mitchell, I almost certainly would still be quite religious, might even have ended up as a monk. I never would have gotten interested in science, Darwinian theory, critical rationalism, and such. I probably would never have read Murray Bookchin or Abdullah Öcalan. I probably wouldn't have read "Debt" by David Graeber, which means that I would probably still be quasi-Austrian in my economic views, in which case I never would have become more sympathetic to social democracy and dialectical libertarianism. I never would have met William, which means that I never would have gotten into the ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, so I certainly wouldn't be advocating universal basic income or the abolition of work through automation. There are well over 50 people on my friends list that I definitely would never have met if I hadn't met Mitchell, and dozens more that I probably wouldn't have met either.

For me, all these changes have been positive. FNB, No Limits, and the burn were my liberation. I broke free from the habits of thought and dogmatic worldview that crippled me and caused depression for years. The first time I attended Food Not Bombs was an event that changed my life, for the better. It helped me overcome my own addictions and develop moral character. Thanks also must go to Xander for his role in facilitating that little revolution of the anarchism of everyday life, which we experienced at FNB and No Limits. The deliberative process of consensus decision-making—which we used at No Limits and FNB—, which encourages participation, helped me become more social, more vocal, and overcome my social anxiety. Thanks to Helen for being Helen; we all greatly miss having her around. Thanks goes to Karl and Elise for helping us hold things together when SHTF in the co-op. Thanks to Bill for being a wise and sane voice amidst the chaos at times. Thanks to Ryan for helping us find a way forward with Darwin House. Thanks goes to James for facilitating some life-changing journeys. Thanks to Drew for allowing the new reincarnation of FNB to use his kitchen and for all his help with that. Thanks to Karl especially for helping keep FNB going after we decided to take our hiatus. Thanks to Sylvie for introducing me to the ideas of Karl Popper, and for her immense influence on my thought altogether. Also, thanks to her for putting up with me and sticking with me. There are so many people that fill my memories and whom I have come to love. I feel inclined to mention them all, but this would go on forever, so I won't.

More than anything, I guess this is sort of a commentary on the butterfly effect. A single conversation can change the entire course of one's life. Thanks go to Mitchell for inadvertently changing the whole course of my life for the better.

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