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Socialism and Wage-Slavery

Any variety of socialism that seeks to perpetuate the institution of wage slavery is kinda worthless in my estimation. We don't need jobs for all, we need income for all. We need a universal basic income. Andrew Yang's basic income platform is much better than Bernie's. It's a route beyond capitalism and socialism, towards a post-scarcity world without wage slavery. Pushing for a high minimum wage, as Bernie does, means that automation is going to be sped along, with private sector jobs disappearing to outsourcing/automation faster than ever. Coupled with his job guarantee policy, this means that almost all Americans will end up working for the government (directly or through contractors).

What we need is to make all land and natural resources (and eventually certain machines) public property and collect rent from those using them, and have a dividend or share of that wealth going to all citizens. This would be a world where many people work, but no one has to. A world where people are free. Yang isn't perfect, but he's a step in the right direction. Bernie is a step in the wrong direction. His key policy of drastically increase minimum wage and impliment a job guarantee program amounts to a perpetuation of the quintessential institution of capitalism (wage-slavery). No thanks.

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