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The Social Divide in American Politics

This is truly fascinating. A few observations:

1) The main divide in American politics is along social lines, not economics.
2) This is not reflected in actual party policy, at least not for the GOP. In particular, most GOP voters are socially conservative but economically centrist, whereas the modern day GOP is socially centrist but economically hard right.
3) This suggests that there's a lot of fertile ground for the Democrats to hit the GOP on governing to the economic right of their base -- i.e. things like slashing Medicaid in half in order to pay for massive tax cuts for the rich.
4) Third party voters congregate in the space between the parties, not the outer extremes. There are a lot of third party voters who are economically very far left, but are socially pretty far to the right.
5) Libertarians and anarchists don't seem to exist, possibly because they reject the tyranny of polls.
6) AnCaps are out in the wilderness all by themselves, just like Ayn Rand wanted.

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