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The Shambling Mound's Tenth Week

Another gloriously and confusing week of incoherent shambling, as Lord Dampnut faced his second major loss in his proposed programme, the return of old King Coal, utterly bizarre developments in the wiretapping claims, and a dash of nepotism. Is it any wonder that Lord Dampnut now has the worst opinion poll ratings this early in the presidency since .. well, since they started?

As hinted in last week's episode, Lord Dampnut - famous for his negotiating skills and with a clear party majority - headed towards disaster on his repeal of Affordable Health Care, and at the very last available moment decided that would not be taken to Congress to be voted on. Lord Dampnut took the opportunity to blame not only his party for the failure, but also Democrats who, in an act of what must have been a complete surprise to him, did not vote to dismantle the Affordable Health Care Act. Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher made the surprising claim that if the bill went down Lord Dampnut would be emasculated. Apparently the queue to carry out the operation is quite long.

As any big corporation knows, it's good to have friends in high places, and there's none higher than Lord Dampnut. The week witnessed an Executive Order which declared "an end to the war on coal". Lord Dampnut, of course, is firm in his belief that global warming is a hoax, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary (which must be deleted). The atmosphere, meanwhile, doesn't care what he thinks.

The wiretapping claims went seriously strange this week with Devin Nunes, chair of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, having to backtrack on claims from the previous week when he announced at a press conference (without consulting the very committee he chairs) that some members of the transitional administration had been under surveillance by the NSA. It then became clear that was was information received from the White House, and not by intelligence sources, but by White House staff, which really puts his supposed independence in the two inquiries under question.

Speaking of White House staff, guess who has a job? Daddy's little girl, that's who. She'll join her husband Jared Kushner, who is already a senior adviser to Lord Dampnut. Although Jared apparently has been a little naughty in disclosing how often he's met with the Ruskies. Still, with Devin Nunes in charge of that committee, what could possibly go wrong?

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