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The Shambling Mound's Fourteenth and Fifteenth Weeks

Has the Shambling Mound finally stopped? No, of course not. It's just for the second time in a row other events have had priority and let's face it, the stumblings of Lord Dampnut, mayor of the global village, after a while, do give a sense of more of the same. It's almost that sheer incompetence, random lurchings, and a complete disdain for facts has become the new normal. It was appropriate then, that the weekend started with Earth Day and a March for Science in 600 cities around the world. Because in 2017, this is apparently necessary.

The first item of the week was revelations that the Senate Intelligence Committee into Russian influence in the 2016 election had failed to make much progress, with much blame being laid on chairperson, Richard Barr, who apparently was refusing to sign any letters for even a single subpoena. Meanwhile it was revealed that former National Security adviser Michael Flynn had received payments from Russia Today and over a half a million dollars on payments from Turkey for lobbying purposes - quite clearly I'm in the wrong business - and all without authorisation or proper disclosure.

Moving to economic matters House Republicans tried to avoid a government shutdown by removing $1 billion USD proposed to build Wall of Evil. Lord Dampnut quickly assured on Twitter (where else?) that the Wall would be built, and followed up with a tariff on Canada (Congress Republicans are desperately trying to get Lord Dampnut not to abandon NAFTA). The following day was a less than impressed, but what would they know? They know what the weakest growth in three years means.

The weekend of the fifteenth week started with Lord Dampnut skipping the White House correspondents dinner (the first time in 36 years), and going to a rally in Pennsylvania to celebrate 100 days as Lord Mayor of the global village - and claimed a record attendance; apparently facts don't matter. And they didn't matter the following day with the gaffe that Andrew Jackson was really angry about the US civil war. I'd be angry too if I had been declared dead and buried for sixteen years before the war even started.

Another attempt to end the Affordable Health Care Act was a feature of Week 15, but whilst actual humans had another story to tell, it managed to get through the House with a wafer-thin majority (217-213), replaced with the American Health Care Act. Comparisons between the two systems are inevitable; you can decide for yourself. The medical professions were not impressed. The Senate plans it's own health care bill. But at least the soul will receive healthcare; an executive order is signed allowing for religion to be more involved in politics.

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