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Sensitive Little Snowflakes

Trump supporters are such sensative little snowflakes. They're boycotting Walmart because of the "impeach 45" shirts. "Oh, we're offended." Fuck you, you racist little pissants. Y'all are a bunch of homophobic and misogynistic assholes that pride yourselves on saying offensive things and then complain about people getting upset at you. And y'all are upset about restaurants denying service to Trump administration officials?! Fuck you, y'all assholes support the right of businesses to discriminate based on race and sexual orientation. Hypocrites! Restaurants ought to deny you service, so should banks and grocery stores. Your employers should fire you because of your bigotry/fascism. Landlords should refuse to let you rent. All of society should so thoroughly shun you and excommunicate you, so that you must either start being decent people or else starve. Are you offended? Get over it, snowflake! And you hypocrical little shits claim to be "pro-life," when you are really just against female autonomy. You don't give a shit about life in principle. No, you support war, you shout down "black lives matter" with "blue lives matter," because you have no objection to the systematic destruction of the lives of black people, and you certainly don't give a damn about the lives of immigrants. You voted for Trump because he's an asshole and says offensive things just for the sake of being an asshole. You don't have the right to be offended about anything!

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