See through the eyes of a White Supremicist

In the context of the horror of immigrant children stolen from their parents and sold into oblivion, Ivanka's post today is being seen as e.g. "tone-deaf." This gives too much credit by half. Try to see this image through the eyes of a white supremacist. It's advertising.

It doesn't surprise me that a lot of the people calling it "clueless" or "tone-deaf" are center/liberal public figures. Habitual deconstruction of advertising and rhetoric inevitably leads to radicalization, simply because humans innately dislike being lied to and manipulated.

Leaving aside our inane daily temperature-check polling, Trump is unquestionably a historically unpopular, ineffective, and vicious president. The crime family of which he is ostensibly patriarch may have more moments of lucidity and more goal-focus, but they share values.

Given this, why would one look at Ivanka's picture today as a "mistake," a "tone-deaf" oopsie-moment in an administration that clearly has no meaningful desire to be loved by the general public or to extend any sort of olive branch to the marginalized? Why softball this?

The reality of this picture is the same as the reality of everything else about the Trump persona (of which Ivanka is a part). Like all aspirational advertising, it isn't about what it depicts, but what the target audience is meant to see, and to think about what they see.

If you're an ardent Trump supporter, with an authoritarian bent and a tacit willingness to think of the Trump line as your "new favorite king," Ivanka is a princess of the royal family.

Combine this with pseudoreligious imagery of virgin motherhood (no men in the picture),

Combine it with Ivanka's classic "pretty white woman" appearance, and you've hit all three of the major strings of white supremacy: religion, authority, and toxic masculinity. Read this image through the eyes of a modern Nazi.

Read the image, and read the connotations of the image being published explicitly amidst the outcry against stolen children and terrorized immigrants, amidst the "14 Words" doctrine of white supremacy. Have that in your mind as you try to imagine what a Trump supporter sees here.

Enough with the free passes and the imagined gaffes. This is a family with an agenda and a core group of supporters that they've never failed to speak directly to. This is conscious messaging, bolstering hateful white supporters against public outrage. Read it and weep.

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