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The Republican Party is not republican

The Republican Party is not republican. They are conservative with propertarian leanings. Modern conservatism is the bastard child of traditional conservatism and classical liberalism/individualist libertarianism.

A true republican is someone that believes in non-domination as the ultimate goal of politics: they seek to minimize domination in society. Domination, in republican theory, occurs when someone else has the capacity to ARBITRARILY interfere in your choices. And, republicans hold that social and economic inequality entails domination, that the employer-employee relationship under capitalism is "wage-slavery" (yeah, Jefferson even used that term), and that representative democracy with the rule of law (isonomy) is the surest means of ensuring non-domination in human society.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, advocates liberal democracy, which instead seeks to guarantee non-interference in economics (especially for the wealthy). The modern Republican Party, at least until Trump, was almost wholly the product of William F. Buckley Jr. It is revealing that Buckley, in response to Baldwin in 1965, said that the solution to social problems is not to allow more black people to vote but to ensure that fewer people overall are allowed to vote. Buckley, and all conservatives, are hostile to democracy.

This is why they oppose Medicare for All, even though the majority of Americans support it. In principle, the conservative is not in favor of government doing the will of the people. On the contrary, the conservative is in favor of two things: (1) legislating Christian morality and imposing Christianity upon the populace [banning gay marriage, banning abortion, demanding that creationism be taught as an alternative to science, etc.] and (2) ensuring that government does not interfere with what corporations and wealthy people choose to do with their property. Their allegiance is with traditional morality being imposed by force and with capitalism. That is not republicanism but liberal democracy with a conservative twist. And the "democracy" in liberal democracy is really quite anti-democratic because it is capitalistic and plutocratic—wealth is power and buying politicians is okay (because people should be able to do what they want with their own money/property), so the wealthy are justified in their oligarchical status.

Conservatism is the harbinger of fascism. Trump is in power because of conservatism and the Republican Party. The Founding Fathers wanted to give us a Republic, which is the exact thing that conservatives and Republican Party members, in their extreme anti-patriotism under the guise of patriotism, wish to destroy at all costs.

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