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Real Republicans

Conservative: "America is a Republic, not a Democracy."

Dude, shut the fuck up! You are a fucking idiot.

Republicanism is a philosophy of democratic government that specifically defines liberty in such a way that their very definition of freedom entails universal healthcare, elimination of poverty, abolition of wage-slavery, free college, et al. Bernie Sanders is basically the only real republican in American politics.

Oh yeah, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson were all republicans in the classical sense, which is why Jefferson said wage-slavery must be abolished (yes, Jefferson criticized wage-slavery), Franklin thought corporations should be replaced by profit-sharing enterprises (more like co-ops), and both Jefferson and Paine advocated communal ownership of land with rent payments being collected by the community as a whole, and Paine advocated using that rent money to supply all citizens with a dividend as a share of social wealth (something like a universal basic income).

Basically, all the Founding Fathers were leftists. They were republicans, but republicanism is inherently a left-wing thing. Conventional social democracy is the most conservative form of republicanism, while democratic confederalism (Bookchin, Proudhon, Kropotkin) is the most radical form of republicanism. Both political parties in America are rooted in the classical liberal and neo-liberal tradition, which is inherently anti-republican.

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