A rare agreement with Trump

This is another rare instance where I agree with Trump. There are major gaps between the US and the DPRK on a huge number of issues, but a large part of the bad relations between the two countries comes from constant failure to communicate.

Ordinarily, that communication would take the form of numerous contacts between various levels of the two countries' diplomatic apparatus, but a) we don't have a diplomatic apparatus anymore because Rex Tillerson has mismanaged the State Department into the ground, and b) even if we did have a functioning State Department, it wouldn't matter because Trump would just ignore all of the reports and briefings and form his opinions based on what he sees on the news.

The only way to get actual information to Trump is to give it to him in person in a way that makes him feel special. If he and Kim sit down for coffee together at a Starbucks somewhere, he'll see that Kim is an actual human and not some sort of bogeyman. With any luck, this will serve as the reality check that he desperately needs.

Trump Accepts North Korea’s Audacious Invitation—But Then What?

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