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Progressive Taxation in the US

Progressive taxation was supported by the Founding Fathers for a good reason. There's lots of reasons I support progressive taxation: (1) it's absolutely necessary in order to have a government at all [flat taxes don't work, which is why all countries use progressive taxes], (2) the American system works off of marginal tax rates as you move up, so a 70% tax starting at $10,000,000/year isn't that crazy considering that each year your first $10 million is exempt from that rate, (3) high marginal tax rates are designed to raise wages for the working class by incentivizing corporations to spend their new income on raising employee wages rather than raising CEO wages, (4) the economy always does better when there are high top marginal tax rates, (5) progressive taxation more fairly distributes the burden of taxation than a flat tax does. Conservative opposition to progressive taxation is based on ignorance.

American liberal democracy, the form it was taking and the direction it was heading, between WWII and 1970 was really great in many ways. High marginal tax rates on top income brackets ensured that workers' wages increased as GDP increased. The economy was doing well. Social change was moving in a libertarian direction with regard to womens rights and racial justice. Poverty was decreasing. Social democratic institutions like Social Security, Medicare, the VA, OSHA, and the EPA were making America a much better place to live. Smog started to decrease as a result of regulation. Factories, construction sites, and plants became safer places to work due to social democratic regulations. Educational standards had been established for public schools, increasing literacy. The political system was becoming more democratic. People were becoming more involved in politics through voting and activism. Starting in the 70s, we moved in a more conservative direction, and Reaganomics took us to the far right. And America has gradually gotten worse since then. Modern conservatism has wrecked the American Republic and Trumpism is just the most idiotic and irresponsible form that it has taken thus far. Modern conservatism, since Reagan, is nothing more than a rebellion against everything that makes America great—and, the flip-side, modern conservatism is the worship of all the bad things about America.

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