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Political Censorship on Facebook

This is why I'm sympathetic to Democrats with smash Facebook rhetoric. Big social media companies need to be dealt with. This was a link to This is politically motivated censorship. Facebook, in its current form, is an impediment to democracy. Facebook for a long time refused to censor a white supremacist page that was not only violating Facebook standards but also breaking the law, they've used facial recognition and auto-tagging on their platform to harass activists, and they censor information that is relevant to electoral politics.

I realize that Facebook isn't a malevolent entity trying to make things worse (there are no grand conspiracies, just disparate people fighting for power), but they are incapable of governing the people on their platform and of controlling their own employees (at least some of which are pro-Nazi and use their position to keep Nazi content on the platform). And when private companies can't police their own conduct, it's government's job to step up. When corporations produced so much smog and pollution that everybody was dying before 30 years of age, government regulated that shit away.

Capitalism and democracy work only against the framework of strong regulation and enforcement that creates the rules and social order within which democracy and markets can work efficiently. The current tragectory is the road to serfdom.

They should impose a 175% corporate income tax on Facebook.

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