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Plato The Anti-Intellectual

"The Republic" is also a mistranslation of the title of Plato's work. An accurate translation would be "The State." Plato was not a republican and neither was the form of government he advocated. He advocated a totalitarian quasi-communist monarchy. His politics was thoroughly fascist. Also, "scientific racism" played a central role in his political thought.

Plato was a terrible philosopher and quite an evil person. When I was a devout Christian (specifically an eastern orthodox christian anarchist), I dispised Plato and Western Christianity because of its Platonist nature. I always thought that Platonism contradicted the gospel—and I still do. Western Christianity, as expressed in Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, etc. is thoroughly Platonistic. This is why Catholicism and Protestantism have always tended to lean towards fascism and authoritarianism.

Plato is remembered as a great intellectual, but he was really anti-intellectual. He held that scientific and philosophical education shouldn't be allowed until one is in old age because he was afraid that young people thinking would cause social change. Plato was a conservative fascist who opposed all social change and supported the ideal of a totalitarian State. He despised liberty and democracy and advocated communism. However, Plato's communism was not altruistic or well-intentioned like the communism of Marx and Kropotkin. No, Plato didn't advocate communism in order to provide for the wellbeing of all. On the contrary, he advocated communism for the sake of erasing all traces of individuality. His politics was a totalitarian collectivism in which the individual was nothing more than a cog in the machine of the State.

At least nine of Plato's direct disciples went on to become fascist tyrants, one of whom rose to power by assassinating another tyrant from Plato's Academy. Plato's Academy was a breeding-ground for totalitarians because Plato was basically a fucking Nazi. Plato believed in a master race and regarded women as property, and he suggested that women should be communally owned. When I say that Plato was a Nazi, I mean it quite literally.

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