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Otherwise decent people

I think the most hurtful thing imaginable is knowing that otherwise decent people, people we may even care about and love, are either so ignorant or so filled with hate that they can honestly support people like Trump, Pence, Graham, and Kavanaugh. It shows that they don't really care about human rights or common human decency.

The Trump Administration has been denying passports to American citizens solely on the basis of their race, claiming that a birth certificate does not qualify as proof of citizenship if you are a Mexican living in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, etc. They kidnapped children, separated them from their parents, locked them in cages, and treated them like criminals. If you can support Trump, then you just don't care about immigrants and, honestly, are racist whether you realize it or not. Immigrants are humans. People that aren't white are still human beings.

Kavanaugh has been accused of attempted rape, but Trump has at least 20 similar accusations against him (and no one that supports Trump cares—they'd support him even if every allegation were totally proven to be true). All accounts, with the exception of Kavanaugh's own, suggest that it is very plausible that he did rape several women. The story told by Ford aligns with the account of Kavanaugh given in Mark Judge's book “Wasted,” where judge recounts his drunken exploits with Kavanaugh. Ford's story is also corroborated by accounts from other women who attended the same parties.

This does not mean that Kavanaugh is guilty, but it does mean that the accusations are plausible, which is a sufficient reason for refusing to confirm him. Kavanaugh has no natural right to be a Supreme Court Justice. The hearings are not a trial, but a job interview. He isn't entitled to due process. It makes sense to err on the side of caution. There's a dozen other conservatives that could easily get confirmed in Kavanaugh's place. The insistence on confirming the appointment of Kavanaugh betrays a lack of respect for women—indeed, a contempt for women. If the accusations even might be true, then he should not be appointed to a position that will likely result in him ruling on significant women's issues.

Furthermore, Kavanaugh lied under oath. He lied to the American people about at least three separate things. He claimed that he never drank as a teen. He claimed he never had sex as a teen. He claimed that he did not know about the accusations against him until they were made public knowledge, which is proven false by text messages he sent about the accusations before they were publicly known. He lied to the American people and he lied under oath. On those grounds alone, he should not be appointed.

Furthermore, Kavanaugh is opposed to women's rights, LGBTQ rights, and immigrants' rights. A confirmation of Kavanaugh means that the Supreme Court could end up overturning marriage equality, banning same-sex marriage, and overturning Roe vs. Wade. (Yes, abortion should be legal and if you want to know why, I'm more than happy to get into that debate below.) So, if you cared about human rights, you would oppose Kavanaugh regardless of the accusations against him.

I could go on forever, showing how the Republican Party represents an attack on women's rights, immigrants rights, LGBTQ rights, etc. I don't need to. The real question is: how can you claim to care about us? how can you shake my hand and act as if we are friends? while supporting politicians that support policies that would literally ruin the lives of myself and the people I love the most? When I see a Trump supporter or a staunch “conservative,” I see someone who doesn't really care about me, my concerns, my rights, and my life—someone who doesn't care about me, my wife, my friends, my family. But worst of all, I see someone who is duped into supporting politics that don't even serve their own best interest. I see someone who is voting in a way that harms themselves. I tried really hard just to hate the other side, but now I'm just disappointed, defeated, and trying to figure out why y'all don't care about human decency and human rights.

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