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One Hundred Days

I forgive President Donald Groper Trump for being a racist, a misogynist and for cornering the market on fake news but I can’t forgive him for being a dodgy tax evading billionaire. I feel sorry for all those Americans who, sickened by the state of United States business as usual politics, decided to cast their vote for the Groper. I also feel sorry for those 50% of eligible electors who are so disillusioned with what is laughingly called democratic politics in the United States who didn’t even bother to show up at the polls.

What I say most likely won’t matter and is not going to change things now, but the strength of the opposition that is slowly being generated will draw succour from the tens of thousands of people around the world who are giving voice, not just to their concerns about the Groper’s policies, but to growing concerns among the community about the inability of parliamentary democracy to address people’s concerns.

There is nothing new about the Groper’s tactics and policies, even a cursory examination of the past highlights how the Groper is treading a well worn path. Point the finger at the other, fan mass hysteria about the other while putting in place legislative programs that put more and more power and wealth into the hands of those who already have power and wealth. President Donald Groper Trump’s first term in the White House is all about securing his and his children’s financial future. It’s no accident the biggest beneficiaries of his economic policies is the Groper’s financial empire. His plans to radically reduce corporate tax rates from 30% to 15% and to abolish death duties for billionaires are tailored to buffer his flailing business empire. The Groper’s ability to organise the jobless and the dispossessed by blaming the other for their problems is an act of political mastery that Adolf Hitler would have been proud of. The difference between Hitler and the Groper is, Hitler was an ideologue who believed the rubbish he spouted while President Donald Groper Trump knows what he is saying is nothing more than the garbage an old fashioned snake oil salesman would spout to make a sale. Whether the message is fake or true doesn’t matter. What matters is whether the message results in a sale.

The United States and the world is in for a difficult time not because the Groper’s ensconced in the Oval Office for another 1,361 days but because his election has invigorated all those other totalitarian wannabes like Erdwan in Turkey and Putin in Russia, to name a few. Rulers who think government is all about imposing programs that enhance their power at the expense of the community as a whole and the institutional structures that have been established to ensure no one person can impose their will on a nation. The more of us who speak out the sooner the rest of the community can spot the rot before the whole tree falls over.

Dr. Joseph Toscano

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