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Official Electoral Fraud

Georgia's Secretary of State, who is in charge of voter registrations and overseeing elections, is running for governor against a black woman. They've purged voter registrations and are refusing to let tens of thousands of black people re-register. They aren't letting black people vote. This is what the Republican Party stands for. This is not a conservative party. This is a racist party and a fascist party.

Meanwhile, the state of Indiana has illegally purged 20,000 voter registrations, violating a court decision. They've purged more than this, but these 20,000 are the ones that have been determined to have been done illegally.

North Dakota has effectively revoked the voting rights of Native Americans living on reservations. They now require a physical residential address and will not accept a PO Box or alternative address. These are the same tribes that fought against the Dakota Access Pipeline and were beaten by police, sprayed with fire hoses, etc. Then, the pipeline that they fought again did in fact leak and pollute their drinking water, as they feared. And now they are being deprived of their right to vote because Republicans know that they will vote Democrat or 3rd party.

This Democratic Party, despite all of its flaws, is not a fascist party. It is also not a socialist party or a radical party. Even the "socialists" in the Democratic Party aren't radical or socialist. They don't advocate public ownership. The policies they propose are all tried and proven policies. We know single-payer works. The Democratic Party is really a conservative party, but is being pulled in a more moderately progressive direction. It's not really progressive because they aren't even considering trying anything that is entirely new. They're sticking with proposals for which the results and consequences are firmly understood, proposals that would not fundamentally alter the system. The Republican Party is reverting back to protectionism, xenophobia, racism—it's regressive, not conservative. They're enriching the already wealthy, destroying social programs that work well, and blaming the Democrats for all the problems.

I am considerably further to the left than the Democratic Party on many issues (like my advocacy of a citizen's dividend funded by land value tax or a wealth tax, support for cap-and-trade or tax and dividend approach to pollution taxes). And I'm considerably more conservative than the Republican Party on many issues (i.e. my opposition to fascism, understanding that peace and stability are more important than revolutionary fervor, notion that we need stronger checks-and-balances, idea that widespread distribution of private ownership and a strong agricultural sector are essential to a free society).

Nevertheless, for the foreseeable future, I will be voting Democrat because that's the party that isn't racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, fascist, ignorant, anti-democratic, based on lies, and hellbent on destroying America.

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