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Notes on Strategy Submarines & Drones

I wonder if we would need a substantial, almost the same amount spent on drones, as with Subs (needs to be costed ~ might be significantly cheaper) to protect Australia & the submarines. With Australia's unique geography & large expanse of water, drones to take out battleships and aircraft carriers and submarines make sense. It is questionable how long submarines will last, especially without drone support. In the old days if a submarine gave off a ping a battleship would need to check out the ping & both vehicles would be aiming at each other.

Sending drones in on a submarine would be a very effective way of spotting & taking out the submarine. By manufacturing our own sub killer drones we could ascertain whether submarines are still a useful part of a defense strategy. They could be marketed in a preliminary phase as sub protectors, really they could tell us how well a sub can holdout with the changes in technology. From what I have seen of Australian farming pattern recognition software, Australia was quite a bit ahead of google, even the old trick of hiding a submarine on the bottom of the sea & not moving might not be the defense it once was.

As a last resort long distance drones could be built capable of reaching another country. When the Americans first showed us their Stealth bomber they also showed us the future of drone warhead delivery systems. Building our own drone systems in Australia built to our geographic requirements makes sense. Drone to aircraft systems might make sense to purchase from the US. With an expenditure similar or a third less to the quoted sub-pricing Australia would have a drone system likely capable of defending us with or without allies. Some information on tactics I have left out.

The arrival of drone technology is a game changer, to rely on subs themselves doing the heavy lifting is a mistake.

It would be great if countries could move away from military spending to social programs & rewilding the planet.

I still want to see Renewable Energy rolled out on mass as well as good civil programs. We have the physical resources & monetary capacity to do both. If this type of expenditure does go through acting to our society as though we must cut all social programs to pay for these systems would simply be cruel & unnecessary. A government & a Treasury/Reserve Bank that start thinking along 25 year time frames could deal with these expenditure items with greater sense & clarity. I have put the idea forward previously of Australia over 25 years moving towards the Japanese debt to GDP ratio.

It would be better if we stayed in a peaceful relationship with China & the rest of the world, I don't like us leaving our country open to attack though. China makes good solar panels, magnets to use in wind turbines & batteries & I think that we want a lot of these items. With the time we have left to us to stabilise the planet energy wise peace & trading with China makes strategic sense.

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