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Neoliberalsm and Communism

Neoliberalism is a lot like socialism/communism. It's a broad term that covers a lot of extremely different ideologies, some better and some worse. "A Neoliberal's Manifesto" is a lot like "The Communist Manifesto." When I read it, there's a lot that I disagree with but there's also a lot that I agree with. Overall, the ideology is flawed, but it makes many valid points.

Both ideologies have many good aspects. At the same time, one feels ashamed to admit any point of agreement with either ideology because their bad parts are so so bad. To make it worse, certain expressions of these ideologies (e.g. neoconservatism, Leninism) are almost totally evil. The virtues of Bookchin and Kropotkin get overshadowed by the malignancy of Stalin. The virtues of Röpke, Euken, and Rüstow get overshadowed by the troubling legacy of Bush.

Honestly, I find the wholesale condemnation of either communism or neoliberalism to be a sign of intellectual dishonesty. If you don't sympathize with the intellectuals of these traditions, it's only because you've never read them. I've read them and can't help but sympathize with them, but I still disagree with them.

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