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Neo-Republicanism and Social Democracy

Neo-republicanism, which tends towards social democracy, departs from classical republicanism in one important sense. Whereas traditional republicans wanted liberty for propertied white men, neo-republicans want liberty for all, which means universal healthcare, abolition of wage-slavery, etc.

"The exploration of the strategy [of attempting to maximize liberty as non-domination] links us with the project that was pursued over many centuries by thinkers in the republican tradition. But it is important to stress that we shall be looking to political institutions with quite a different attitude from that of premodern republicans. We saw in the first chapter that freedom as non-domination was attainable via the political system only for a propertied élite of mainstream males: the élite who would constitute the citizens. As we explore the requirements of non-domination, we shall naturally break with the élitism of traditional republicans and assume that our concern must be universal in scope."—Philip Pettit ("Republicanism: A Theory of Freedom and Government," Chapter 3, Section 2)

Dana Lynn Loesch is a piece of shit. I hope she gets struck by lightning or hit by a bus. Heard her on the radio this morning complaining about Ben Jealous using the F-word. You know what...fuck you! The stupid fascist fucker supports Trump and is okay with all of his xenophobic and misogynistic bullshit, but wants to pretend to be offended about somebody using a "bad word." Fuck you. It's a word. That's all. If it really offends you that much, you should probably go drink radiator fluid.

And then she went on to complain about Bernie and Ocasia-Cortez identifying as socialist. Fuck you, you piece of shit. Address their actual views and policy proposals instead of falling back into Cold War era anti-socialist bullshit. They're social democrats, which has absolutely nothing in common with Leninism and Stalinism. It's debatable whether they are even really socialists, since they actually support private enterprise and private property. What they are proposing is NOT Soviet Russia bullshit, it's concrete proposals that have been implemented in England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, etc. These are not socialist hell-holes, but thriving market economies, where everyone is happy and better off than people in America are. I agree with most of their proposals, but I don't agree with calling it "socialism." It's a fact that social democratic policies increase human wellbeing and happiness and make society more prosperous.

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