MMT is a Scientific Approach

MMT is mostly the result of having a scientific approach to economics rather than an abstract theoretical approach. It's what you learn about economics if you look at facts and data rather than contemplating abstract hypotheticals.

Classical/Austrian/Chicago economists: "I wonder how money and taxes work? Let's suppose that Robinson Crusoe is stranded on a desert island with his friend Friday...."

MMT economists: "I wonder how money and taxes work? Let's look at archeological and anthropological findings on the history of money and taxes. Also, let's look at what the Fed and the Treasury actually do...."

This ties into why I hate conservatism. Conservative views on economics follow from abstract speculation that doesn't align with real-world facts, so conservative policies are everywhere and always bad for society. If you won't bother to learn the history of money and taxes and how economies function in relation to monetary and fiscal policy, then you have no business in politics or even voting for that matter. Go home and read a book. When you actually know something and are informed, then go back into politics or return to the voting booth.

You cannot possibly be an informed voter if you are not thoroughly familiar with Modern Money Theory, neo-republicanism, the case for land value tax and universal basic income, and the case for single-payer healthcare. The fact that uninformed people vote is a terrible thing. Go read.

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