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Losses for the Iraqi Kurds

The Iraqi Kurds continue to lose vast swaths of territory. Forces loyal to Baghdad have now secured all of Kirkuk's oil fields, along with all of the disputed border crossings. Yazidi PMU have also taken control of the Sinjar region, finally solidifying the region's already ongoing shift away from the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and towards Baghdad.

There are rumors that the KRG has negotiated a deal with Baghdad to withdraw to the 2003 borders, and this does seem consistent with the areas they've been giving up. So far, there hasn't been much violence since the first night.

It was incredibly foolish of the Kurds to push for full independence when they hadn't even finalized the borders of their existing autonomous region. The region's de jure borders only encompass something like half of the area it controlled. We'll have to see how much land they end up losing.

This may also make it impossible for Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan to unify, because the Iraqi Kurds may end up losing their remaining border with Syria.

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