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Let's Call All the Lefties NPCs

Like yet another flash in the pan, alt-right types have decided to call left-wingers NPCs, following on from the type of character in traditional roleplaying games and more commonly these days, computer roleplaying games. The meme is more directed to the latter, working on the assumption that left-wingers are reactive rather than proactive, have a limited range of stock responses, lack complex personality features, and so forth. There is a now a number of "NPC" memes available.

Unsurprisingly, this is a remarkably easy meme to turn on its head, which I have done.

Which is especially ironic given that the number of 'bots who are promoting the NPC meme. One must wonder who really are the characters who simply follow the lead of their superiors, have stock responses, are reactive rather than proactive etc.

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