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Labour Re-elected in New Zealand

As a dual-citizen and member of the Labo(u)r Party in both countries, this a delicious result. Especially after the ludicrous character assassination attempts by the Murdoch-Tory media in AU, and the attempted dumb-populism politics of Judith Collins.

National Party will be in the wilderness for a while. The libertarian-propertarian wing will find themselves heading to ACT, the conservative uglies maybe towards the New Conservative Party. Whilst will be left will be a corporatist shell, with most of the middle-class already in the left-leaning big tent of Labour.

Greens have put up a reasonable showing so far as well, and may have even increased their vote a percent or so, although they have some distance to go to their 2011/2014 hey-day of gaining over 10%. Labour will almost certainly not need them anymore for confidence and supply, but in any case the Labour pitch is probably broad enough to cover many social liberal and even environmental concerns. which is, of course, a positive outcome from a Green policy perspective.

Lessons for Australia? I'll leave that for discussion. But from what I've seen the relationship between Labour and the Greens in Aotearoa is a lot better than what it is sometimes in Australia.

Also following the ACT election, pretty good results for Labor there as well.

Strong swing to the Greens, currently +3.7%. However, there is an argument that Libs might get some late votes from elderly voters on the argument that they prefer in-person, rather than electronic voting.