Kissinger's War Crimes

"Mistakes were quite possibly made by the administrations in which I served"
-- Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger received a Nobel Peace Prize for ending the war in Vietnam before the war had even ended. Meanwhile, as Secretary of State, he orchestrated mass murder and carried out the illegal bombing of Cambodia (a neutral country). The number of bombs dropped on Cambodia during the Vietnam War era exceeds the number dropped on Japan during the entirety of WWII.

As Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger carried out an illegal war, without congressional approval, and murdered countless Cambodians. He hand-selected the villages and locations to bomb. He intentionally toppled a democratic government, creating the power vacuum that allowed Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge to rise to power. Cambodia has not fully recovered to this day and people are still suffering as a direct result of Kissinger's war crimes.

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