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Jay Inslee on Climate Change

As expected, Jay Inslee rockets into first place on the climate change front. Beto's plan is pretty good when it comes to funding, but is pretty vague on everything else. Where Beto relies on a single federal mandate for net zero emissions by 2050, Inslee has three separate mandates for 100% carbon neutral electricity, 100% EV sales, and 100% zero-emissions for new buildings, all by 2030, along with a broader goal of being completely carbon-neutral by 2045. This is much more enforceable than Beto's proposal.

However, Inslee's proposal is still missing three big things. One is a way to ensure financial and technical reliability of the electrical system. The way the plan is worded leaves the door open to nuclear and CCS, but both of those things would likely require subsidies in order to work financially. The second thing the plan is missing is a carbon tax, which is important economically and could also help pay for the subsidies, especially subsidies for CCS. The third missing item is Carbon Dioxide Removal, which we're probably going to need large amounts of and which we need to start working on as soon as humanly possible. I'm concerned by the lack of any mention of reliability, but I expect that the other two items will be discussed in future releases by the Inslee campaign.

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