Israel, Apartheid, and International Law in the Occupied Territories

To supporters, Israel is the only democratic state in the Middle East, a wealthy, liberal democracy and homeland for the Jewish people. Yet to many, the occupied territories of Palestine are an example of colonialism and apartheid.

Do the actions of Israel constitute apartheid, a claim vigorously denied by Israeli supporters who say such policies are motivated by security rather than race? In a special lecture, academic Dr Virginia Tilley will explore and discuss this divisive topic.

Dr. Tilley is an international specialist in comparative ethnic conflict. An expert in apartheid, she was researcher at the Centre of Policy Studies in Johannesburg and a senior member of South African Human Sciences Research Council, studying the transition from apartheid to democracy.

She has also written a number of articles on Israel's occupation policies and is the author of "The One State Solution" (University of Michigan Press 2005) and editor of “Beyond Occupation” (Pluto Press, forthcoming).

She is currently an associate professor at the University of the South Pacific (Fiji) and Director of Governance Studies.

To be held on Saturday July 21st at United Voice Victoria 117-131 Capel St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051

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