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Isocracy Network Inaugural General Meeting

The Isocracy Network is establishing a formal Melbourne group. This meeting will be held on Saturday, June 12 at 2pm at 110 Grey Street East Melbourne; the date coincides with the adoption of Virginian Declaration of Rights, one of the earliest and strongest modern statements on the limitations of government and the rights of individuals. Light refreshments will be provided.

The meeting will include the election of office-bearers, and planned actions for the upcoming year.


1. Introduction and Welcome
2. Motion to form an Incorporated Association
3. Motion to Adopt Model Rules With Automatic Recall for Office-Bearers
4. Motion to Join the Alliance of the Libertarian Left
5. Campaigns
5. a. The Commonwealth of Australia: Supporting the Resources Rent
5. b. Informed Judgement: Against Internet Censorship
5. c. Inalienable Rights: Towards A Federal Bill
6. General Business

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