Illogical Conservatism

Conservatism is illogical and inconsistent. When it comes to education, most conservatives have no objection to socialism. They are fine with sending their kids to public schools. At the same time, conservatives are fine with socialism when it comes to law-enforcement and the military. In fact, conservatives worship those socialist institutions. But when it comes to healthcare, though, they do an about face. It is okay for government to run schools to indoctrinate kids into nationalistic idiocy, having them say the Pledge of Allegiance facing an ugly cloth hanging from a rod, the conservatives' favorite idol. It is okay to have socialist police forces, publicly funded, to harass people and commit acts of aggression, and to lock people up for "victimless crimes." It is okay to have a socialist military to terrorize the world and kill innocent children in the Middle East. But, for the love of God, we can't have socialized healthcare!

If government is competent enough to run the military, I think it is competent to run a single-payer healthcare program. Btw, police and military services need to be seriously reformed (or abolished, depending on how you want to define terms).

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