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Holding Kids Hostage

Donald Trump is literally holding kids hostage. He has basically admitted that they are keeping kids in cages in inhumane conditions in order to force Democrats and principled conservatives to support funding for the border wall. This asshole is literally keeping kids locked up without adult supervision (other kids who aren't even related have been having to change kids' diapers because adults aren't taking care of them)...and this fascist fuck has the audacity to say "well, we'll stop doing this to these kids when the opposition caves on the border wall."

Oh, wait, wasn't Mexico paying for the wall? Why the hell do you need the taxpayers to fund it then? And the Republican Party is all about smaller government and lower taxes, right? And smaller deficits? Then why the hell are you trying to spend massive amounts on an unnecessary wall? Hypocrites. Damn the Republican Party. Damn them all to hell! The Democrats may be corrupt, but at least they aren't Nazis. 90% of conservatives in America would have been Hitler supporters if they'd have lived in Germany when the Nazis rose to power. That's the reality.

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