Hatred of Millenials: The Real Reason

So, here's the real reason that older folks hate millennials:

Older generations were/are less educated, but also thought/think they're really smart, and they were/are morally banctupt and lack a moral compass. They reject science, especially biology and climatology, and cling to ancient religious bigotry. Millennials tend to be more open-minded, better informed, more educated, understand basic science and economics, etc. This generation has moral values that actually make sense, and older folks hate us for it. We tend to take science more seriously than bullshit. We tend to value inclusiveness and hospitality and reject bigotry, so older folks hate us for it. We also recognize that everything that is wrong with the world is fucked up because of prior generations. We have inherited a shitty lot because older generations ruined the environment, voted for Trump, etc. And we (the millennials) have absolutely no control because the old ignorant folks still run the government and the industries and won't relinquish control. No, we're not motivated to work, because we realize that we are working for the benefit of lousy people of the older generations. To get a decent job and survive, older generations have decided that millennials must get college educations at inflated prices and be debt slaves for their entire lives.

Older generations have decided to ensure that healthcare is unaffordable. They've decided that their Medicare should be preserved, but that Medicare for All is just "socialism." The older generations are okay with racism; they can't even see it. They love cops and flags and hate queers and socialists. We realize that the beliefs and values of all prior generations are basically garbage, and they resent us for it. In short, the people who hate and mock millennials do so because they are actually quite ignorant and immoral themselves and they can't understand people who aren't garbage like themselves.

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