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Hard Truths with Major Opposition

Some hard truths, all of which are backed by expert consensus, and all of which encounter major opposition:

• Climate change is real, and the primary cause is greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning fossil fuels. We need to reduce these emissions as much and as quickly as possible.
• In order for us to reduce emissions fast enough to avoid 1.5C (and probably 2C) of warming, we're going to need to remove billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere per year, probably using some sort of carbon capture technology. We'll also need to impose a steep price on carbon. If we don't do both of those things, we'll probably exceed 1.5-2C of warming.
• Nuclear power in the United States is safe, clean, and bankrupt.
• Vaccines do not cause autism.
• Homelessness is not a personal failing, it's a failing of society.
• Markets exist, and they set prices through mechanisms that are very well understood. That doesn't mean that they result in socially optimal outcomes, but the fundamental relationship between price, supply, and demand is beyond dispute.
• The main reason why the cost of housing is so high is that demand increased, but supply did not increase. Increasing the housing supply is an essential part of bringing down the cost of housing.
• Housing does not cause the population to increase. Sex causes the population to increase. Housing makes it so that all the new people we make have somewhere to stay.
• The odds of the Democrats taking enough seats in the Senate in 2020 to pass single payer are virtually nil.
• Moderate candidates tend to be more electable. The reason why Joe Biden is leading in the polls is because more people support him than support the other candidates. If you don't know anyone who supports him, that says more about your social circles than it does about the electorate.
• Dinosaurs had feathers, or at least a lot of them did. Generally speaking, the cooler the dinosaur, the more likely it was to look like a giant chicken.

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