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Groper Lite

A few days ago we saw the leopard paint over its spots with water soluble paint. President Donald Groper, the most powerful man on earth after Vladimir Putin, made a coach’s speech to the American congress. An inclusive speech he claimed things were on the right track and before you know it, America would be great again. I assume he was talking about North America (excluding Canada), not central or South America. A man who knows all about fake news should get his facts right. He’s not President of America, he’s President of the United States of America.

Feeling a tad lonely watching his handpicked administration appointments falling by the wayside, he ventured back into campaign mode addressing the committed. When you examine the United States’ historical record, for a nation that prides itself on being an example to the rest of the world, the example isn’t really a great one. I admit it, I’m not great at mathematics but when I look at the figures I find it difficult to fathom President Groper’s mathematical skills are much better than mine. A billionaire who doesn’t pay taxes and regularly bankrupts companies he owns while maintaining his personal fortune and bankrupting his creditors, mostly small investors and small businesses, knows his figures. A man who uses the Presidential Office to expand his business empire by hiding behind his relatives, knows about mathematics.

So how can the Groper (apologies, I need to show the President of the United States of America some respect, President Donald Groper claim that he is going to make the United States of America great again by increasing the defence budget by 75 billion? A defence budget that is currently greater than the combined defence budgets of the following countries – China, Russia, Iran, Israel, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Britain, France, Germany and Saudi Arabia put together.

He may make the United States of America great in military terms but in terms of the economic future of the people living in the United States, he knows, you know and I know reducing taxes for corporations and the rich, removing death duties from the estates of multimillionaires and increasing defence spending is a recipe for disaster for the rust belters who believed his rhetoric. President Donald Groper is an old fashioned snake oil salesman who’s been found out. Once Vladimir decides he’s of no use to Russian interests and the Russian Secret Service releases all that wonderful information they hold about the President of the United States of America, I expect he will be impeached by a population who would like to tar and feather him before he’s forced to move into Vladimir’s hunting lodge.

Dr. Joseph Toscano

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