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Fiscal policy is monetary policy

Fiscal policy is monetary policy. You can't have an efficient and functional monetary system or market without taxation. The only feasible vision of market anarchism is geo-mutualist, where you have something like democratic confederalism, a sovereign money issuing bank of the people, and a system of taxation. Most modern anarchists think that geoism, Proudhonian mutualism, and democratic confederalism looks a lot like statism. Perhaps. The lines do blur. It's a spectrum, not a binary. The anarchist social democracy that I used to advocate really does look a lot like statism. And the statism I advocate looks really libertarian.

Anarchists want to define "State" as a territorial monopoly in the legitimate use of violence, but that is inadequate and causes one to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The State sort of is that, but it also issues currency, creates the framework for markets, maintains infrastructure, and provides for general welfare. The war machine and police apparatus is not the whole of the modern State.

"State" is a word, and like all words it has various meanings. It is like socialism or capitalism, which mean many things. Socialism is worker self-management, i.e. co-operative interprise. Socialism is public ownership of industry. Socialism is welfare statism with private ownership of industry. Capitalism is private ownership of industry. Capitalism is a market system. Capitalism is rule by capitalists and the subjugation of the masses to wage-slavery. Terms have different and conflicting definitions. The State is a monopoly on violence. The State is the agent of democracy, the persona of the populace. The State is the creator and sustained of the market system. The military is part of the State, but so is the central bank, the Social Security Administration, the EPA, and so much more.

Hobbes spoke of the State as a person. He didn't mean that it is a human person, but rather an acting agent. It does things. Ideally, it ought to carry out the will of the people. (Admittedly, that Rousseau, not Hobbes.) Perhaps we ought to look at systems of government the way we look at persons. Persons are imperfect acting agents. Sometimes they do good, sometimes they do bad. "The line between good and evil runs through every single human heart." Every State, like every human, is an imperfect acting agent that does some good and some bad. Some States are better, some are worse. Some of this is semantics, but it is worth discussing.

If the fiscal and monetary institutions are statist, then I'm a statist. If the Welfare State is part of what you want to abolish, then I'm opposed to your anarchism. If taxation and monetary systems are part of what you are trying to eliminate, then I am opposed to your anarchism. If OSHA, the EPA, and the whole regulatory apparatus is what you want to abolish, then fuck your anarchism.

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