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Federal Election Campaign: Day 8

Day 8 of the election and the LNP lose another candidate with Murray Angus, candidate for Corio, being disendorsed for breaking party rules. He had the boldness to suggesting that his Labor opponent, shadow defence spokesman Richard Marles, was a "good bloke" that unions aren't such a bad idea.

Given this I wonder what Mr. Angus thinks about the Easter - ANZAC day break where hospitality workers will lose some $80 million over the break due to the loss of penalty rates. A reminder is given this comes with no improvement in employment.

On the topic of employment, former federal president of the Liberal party, Shane Stone, will be paid more than $500,000 a year to oversee flood recovery efforts in rural Queensland. Nice work if you have friends.

More appropriately Patrick Dodson will be Bill Shorten's Indigenous Affairs minister if Labor wins power, making him the inaugural First Australian to hold the role - as Labor also announces a $115 million health pledge and Shorten makes the wild suggestion that Indigenous Australians "have the right to grow old".

Finally, we have this wonderful image of the Prime Minister illustrating that he probably has never played pool in his life.

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