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Federal Election Campaign: Day 5

Liberal candidate for Chisholm, Gladys Liu, has made the top story for day 5 of the campaign. First, she claims LGBTI issues as "ridiculous rubbish", then tried to claim it was "fake news" (we have recordings, you know), and then tried to say that it was the views of the Chinese community. Congratulations, Gladys! Not only are you a vile homophobe, you also managed to lie about what you said, and then you also tried to smear the Chinese community as being as homophobic as you are. You know what its called when you use a generalised smear against a community? That's racism. It's pretty impressive to be racist against a community you claim to be speaking for.

(FWIW Labor candidate for Chisolm, Jennifer Yang, does not seem to suffer the same assumptions about her own community)

Political opponents Independent MP Kerryn Phelps and Liberal Dave Sharma (and what did you do for East Timor Dave? have joined voices to condemn an anti-Jewish campaign in Wentworth.

OK, there's some policy worth mentioning as well.

A Shorten government would end a protracted war between the Commonwealth and the states by restoring a 50-50 public hospital funding deal, as part of its $2.8 billion pledge to provide more beds and medical staff.

The Coalition government angered the states and territories over public hospital funding in 2014 when then treasurer Joe Hockey threw out a Gillard government deal that the Commonwealth would contribute 50 per cent of costs. The move forced the states to make up the funding shortfall in already strained hospital budgets.

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