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Emailing Christian Porter

Email the Attorney-General, Christian Porter, and ask him to use his powers under the Judiciary Act to discontinue the prosecution of Bernard Collaery and Witness K. Make no mistake, behind the procedural façade, the Department and the Minister are keenly monitoring public opinion. In 1978, when Australia decided to recognize Indonesian sovereignty over East Timor, the (Secret Australian Eyes Only) Cabinet papers said that “the greatest problem lies in the continuing domestic interest” but that “the volume of letters being received about Timor has dropped substantially over the past six months. It is currently running at the rate of about seven a month. This has been accompanied by a falling newspaper and television interest…”.

Dear Mr. Porter,

For what it's worth, I am asking you to make use of your powers, as Attorney-General, under the Judiciary Act to discontinue the prosecution of Bernard Collaery and 'Witness K'.

The behaviour of the Australian government towards Timor Leste has been a history of unconscionable betrayal across many governments and the sad fact that we saw fit to engage in a bugging operation during negotiations over the Timor Sea reserves of oil and gas is a continuation of this disingenuous behaviour.

It is certainly the view of many Australians that the real criminal in this operation is Alexander Downer, who oversaw ASIS was overseas during the operation, and then became an adviser to Woodside Petroleum who benefits from the fraudulent treaty.

I have my doubts, for various reasons, that you will do anything about this. But you can be sure that the issue will be raised for many years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Lev Lafayette
ICT Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Timor-Leste (2002-2003)
December 5

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