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Election Fraud in the US

Democrats got more votes than Republicans in the Senate. However, the American system is rigged to favor white conservatives. The majority of the population doesn't want these fascist shit-bags in power, but the system is rigged in their favor. Democrats actually won the majority of the votes in the Senate race, but they ended up losing seats. This is how rigged the system is in favor of the rightwing. Repeatedly, Republicans can't win the popular vote but still remain in power. As you'll recall, Trump didn't win the popular vote either. Why was our system rigged this way? Well, so that liberal city folks would he unlikely to overturn the institution of slavery through the democratic process. Republicans hold power only because of white supremacist institutions that date back to the foundation of this country.

Let's talk about election fraud. Republicans cheated in Texas, Georgia, and Florida. That's a fact. On ballots in Texas, the electronic ballot would switch to a vote for Ted Cruz if you selected straight Democrat. In Georgia, Brian Kemp was Secretary of State, overseeing a gubernatorial election that he was running in—they purged voter registrations and refused to process new voter registrations, delaying until after the election. In both cases, the race was so close that the Republicans cheating is almost certainly the only reason they won. In Indiana, they illegally purged voter registrations in spite of a court order saying not to do so. Of course, they did not purge registrations in any of the predominantly Republican areas. The Republican Party is nothing but a bunch of lying cheats and Nazi-enablers.

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