Economists, Who needs them?

Economist's dictate that the right taxation mix is the answer. Yet zero taxation with zero land price is not mentioned by them, or by officialdom, academia and for obvious reasons not the fiducial lever pullers. Odd, with recent trillions flowing to bond-holders from central banks, from governments, and before them, the taxpayer, economists present toxic real estate assets as being cyclical normality due to human behaviour labeled exuberance.

When the annual rental value of land in situ is publicly disclosed then speculation and by consequence toxicity cannot manifest. But then that is not economics. It is economic, it is not economic, and yet it is an economy, and on-with-the-show-this-is-it.

Economists are employed by the vested interests and the privileged to argue in favour of the 'dirty deeds, done dirt cheap'. Economists are anti-social anti-communal and anti-production. Speculation gravitates the production value from with their econometric if statement models. They are all taxationists, unable to concede that land is not capital therefore cannot be taxed. Land in situ remains in use, when the rate in the dollar meets the public revenue requirement of the territorial administrative budget. Unlike labour and the products of labour when the effort is taxed. Labour disappears into idleness.

Whether it be by head or by hand the product is from labour and rightfully it is the property of the producer. Else your better off producing something for yourself without going to market with the good or service. It is this corruption of economics that teaches property in land before property in wages.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil and so the loudest voice gets the attention of the mob. Freedom is the cry, but rarely does it extend to what is top of the list, freedom from land price. Humanity and nature is freest when it does not have to pay the site value price and then the tax on what labour is spent in situ. A just government would be satisfied with this arrangement when the people vote to use the rent of the land as revenue irrespective of whether the titleholder chooses to occupy the site or not.

It is absentee titleholders & land bankers that limit supply of land until the price is of their choosing is offered for the taking. That is an economy. What is freedom, is something else entirely. Freedom from land value price and taxes raises the prospect of achieving what one sets out to do. Wherever they choose to occupy to do it.

by Zaasrd Sitor

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