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Dumb Echo Chambers

I posted this on a discussion on energy sources in a Greens politics discussion group.

It was deleted by the moderator because they didn't agree with some of the sources. Oh, and the author is an engineer for an oil company.

Hardly sufficient justification in my opinion, but it's their group and they can moderate as they see fit. If they want to have a dumb echo chamber, that will be their problem.

In any case, their actions have meant that I have left the group, and will promote the article as a contribution to discussion in other forums.

I've never been a huge fan, by any stretch of the imagination, of nuclear power, but I do acknowledge that much of this was knee-jerk emotivism. When looking at the facts in a more dispassionate manner I am not as disinclined to it as an energy source.

And as the article does correctly state, you really only need to get to the first graph (death rate per watts produced) to concur with the author's central idea if you have a shred of intellectual honesty.

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Follow-up discussion on Facebook stands as stark evidence that one can discuss the matter sensibly.