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Don't Reject Universal Basic Income

A lot of leftists want to reject universal basic income as a right-wing idea, because it has been advocated by Milton Friedman, F. A. Hayek, & Charles Murray. And, because it was advocated by the Founding Father, Thomas Paine, in the form of a citizen's dividend. But it's an idea that transcends ideologies. C. H. Douglas broke from the Fabian socialists to advocate UBI in the form of a national dividend. It was advocated by socialists like Fred M. Taylor, Oskar Lange, & Abba Lerner in the form of a social dividend as a share of the profits of socialized industry. It is advocated by marxists, such as Yanis Varoufakis & Aaron Bastani. It has been advocated by MMTers, such as Michael Hudson & Ellen Brown. It's been advocated by neo-republicans and social democrats, such as Philip Pettit & Frank Lovett. It has even been advocated by anarchists like Robert Anton Wilson, David Graeber, & (with qualifications/reservations) by Noam Chomsky. Yeah, a lot of conservatives and libertarians are really into UBI, just like they're really into LVT, but a hell of a lot of radical leftists are into it too. UBI transcends political ideology. At root, it is just an all-around good idea.

It's funny how polar opposites sometimes compose similar thoughtforms and end up being similar, having their ideas coelesce into similar molds. Like, the far-right and the far-left, at the extremes, both advocate land value tax and basic income, and both want radical decentralization and less government (or no government). It's funny how socialism and its polar opposite, distributism, really seem to be mirror images of each other. While they are polar opposites, they are also identical. The one is a copy of the other, but backwards—mirror image. A system of public property where each individual has an equal share of public wealth appears analogous to private-ownership equally distributed. Also, the Old Right and the New Left were a lot alike. I remark on the similarities, but don't discount the differences. The idea of fairness and compassion in leftism is flipped to one of harsh justice and bigotry in rightism. They are opposites, but still projections of the other side.

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