Distributism and the Health Care System

This is a good read. This is a more traditional conservative take on healthcare. I don't know to what extent we can turn back the clock and go back to guild and concierge approaches, although it would be best if we could do so. I sympathize with single-payer because it seems the simplest and most feasible solution...but then again, maybe something more conservative/libertarian would be easier to get support for in America. This approach would make healthcare cheaper and would make it easier for the free market to cover most people, then supplemental single-payer systems like Medicare and Medicaid could perhaps be expanded to cover the few who can't afford it still. This is a decent small-government and free-market solution to the problem of healthcare. I'm a utilitarian consequentialist. I don't care if the solution to the problem is leftwing or rightwing, so long as it actually effectively solves the problem and increases social and individual wellbeing.

One downside to this more conservative/libertarian proposal would be that it might actually require much more bureaucracy and government intervention to bring about the framework for this. If guilds and concierge medicine were naturally around, then it would be totally libertarian. However, since government already destroyed the social institutions needed, it would likely require a lot of government intervention to recreate this framework. Single-payer can just expand an existing program (Medicare) without creating much additional bureaucracy and interventionism.

Nevertheless, both of these market-based solutions (the guild/concierge medicine approach and single-payer) would be far superior to socialized medicine.

Distributism and the Health Care System

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