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Czech Republic: Stop union busting at Ryanair

Ryanair is known to be hostile to trade unions and this has been proven once again in the Czech Republic.

A union for cabin crew workers on the airline was recently registered there and the company was duly informed of this.

The new union asked to meet with management.

But just one day after telling Ryanair that a union now existed, three union leaders -- Matteo Pizzolato, Andrea Schiraldi, and Izhar Arcos Poveda -- were sacked.

Their union, together with the European Transport Workers Federation, has called for an online campaign to send a clear message to Ryanair that this is completely unacceptable.

In doing so, they are fighting not just for these brave workers in the Czech Republic, but for Ryanair workers across Europe.

Please take a moment to show your support for the campaign here:

And please share this message with your friends, family and fellow union members.