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Conservatives for Democrats

If there's any true conservatives in America, they'll be voting Democrat for the foreseeable future. The Trumpist Republican Party is the party of fascism, chaos, and political instability—the harbingers of right-wing anarchy and revolution. Trump, Kavanaugh, and Ryan are molotov cocktails thrown by an angry, short-sighted, and ignorant mob to burn down the system—a wrench thrown into the gears of government to sabotage the republic. Trump's right-hand man Bannon can call himself a Leninist, because the elite clique, vanguard party, and one-party fascist State is his vision for America. The Republican Party has become the arch-enemy of conservatism. But this does not mean they are progressive. On the contrary, the Republicans, the evangelicals, the Alt-Right, and the rest are neither progressive nor conservative, but regressive. And the ignorant masses are not intelligent enough to distinguish between conservatism and regressivism.

The Democratic Party is predominantly a conservative party, with Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and other social democrats representing a progressive, but certainly anti-revolutionary, wing of this conservative party. I'm sitting here re-reading Russell Kirk's “The Conservative Mind” and finding myself agreeing with a lot of it, though not wholeheartedly. Any more, I lean center-left, but the conservative in me can't help but see the Democratic Party as the ally of the spirit of Edmund Burke.

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