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Concord Communities Alliance and Hall Equities

Concord Communities Alliance had a very interesting discussion today with a representative from Hall Equities about the stadium they want to build in downtown Concord. This project hasn't gotten a lot of love from the community, but she did make some good points:

• The project would create roughly 1000 to 1700 new units of housing.
• Hall Equities would own the land the stadium is on rather than leasing it, which means they wouldn't be able to build the stadium, decide they don't like the place, and then go somewhere else, leaving downtown Concord a smoldering ruin in their wake.
• Hall Equities would help pay for improvements to the local transportation infrastructure, and potentially also local mass transit.
• The stadium wouldn't use any public funds, especially not from selling the Concord Pavilion.
• The housing units would be modular apartments, which would be manufactured at a new modular housing factory located in the East Bay. That factory would have high-paying union jobs.
• They were open to the actual construction work also being done by union workers.
• The skate park would be relocated, not removed.

However, there were also some areas of concern:

• The project calls for placing a soccer stadium in an area that was never intended to handle that kind of traffic.
• The road layout in that area is already a complex, pretzel-shaped mess and has a hard time handling even the existing traffic from BART.
• They may still want the city to sell Concord Pavilion to pay for the convention center.
• The project would involve building 20-story buildings directly next to low-density detached single family homes.
• Literally the entire city, from infants in their cradles to senior citizens at their mah-jong tables, is strongly opposed to the project and wants nothing to do with it.

In the end, CCA voted unanimously against supporting the development as currently planned. Hall did indicate some willingness to modify the proposal, and CCA left the door open to supporting a potential future version that doesn't include a soccer stadium, focused on providing affordable housing, and would integrate better into the surrounding neighborhood. For the time being, though, Hall has not been able to secure our support.

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