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Climate Crisis Town Hall

CNN announces details for climate crisis town hall

Some questions I hope to see:

1: What's your emissions reduction target for 2030? How will you enforce or achieve it?
2: How will you ensure we have reliable, zero-emission electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?
3: What kind of energy sources will this reliable, zero-emission energy system use?
4: How much will your plan cost over the next ten years? Where will that money come from?
5: What will you do about transportation, building heating, industrial energy, and agriculture?
6: How will you ensure a just transition for displaced workers and frontline communities?
7: How will you reduce per capita energy demand?
8: What is your position on carbon pricing?
9: What is your position on negative emissions?
10: How will you help communities respond to the challenges of climate change that cannot be avoided?

11: Are "zero-emission" and "renewable" the same thing?
12: What is a "carbon budget"?
13: What is the Kigali Amendment?
14: What is economic dispatch?
15: What is Levelized Cost of Energy, how is it calculated, and why does it matter?

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