Christopher Cantwell, Special Snowflake

Christopher Cantwell, former AnCap turned leader of the Alt-Right, is crying like a little snowflake on video because he's afraid to get arrested and just found out there is a warrant for his arrest. He bragged about the murder that took place in Charlottesville and then promised that the Alt-Right would kill more people. Turns out being a leader of a hate group, threatening to kill people, telling your followers to kill and assault people, then carrying around a bunch of guns at an event where one of your followers does kill someone...well, apparently the whole advocating murder and threatening violence thing actually isn't protected under "free speech."

Also, btw, I wrote a piece years ago about "austro-fascism," the rise of authoritarian tendencies among AnCap and right-libertarian/Austrian School fanatics. I mentioned Christopher Cantwell, who still identified as "libertarian" at the time, by name. That extremist trend in the far right, which I called "austro-fascism" for lack of a better term, developed into the Alt-Right. Other intellectuals on the right that were part of the trend towards fascism were Stephan Molyneux, Keith Preston, and Lew Rockwell. Most of these folks jumped on board as Trump supporters and have now morphed into full fascists. Cantwell now waves an AnCap flag with a swastika on it and sits behind his "white lives matter" poster while podcasting.

Hate speech is not free speech!

Wes Whitman, August 17

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