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Candidacy Announced

I've decided to run for Party Policy Director of the Environmental Caucus. Party Policy Director is a new position that will be responsible for identifying resolutions and platform issues and bringing them to the attention of the caucus. If elected, I'll use my research skills and technical knowledge to provide caucus members with background information on the issues at hand. I won't tell anyone what to think, but I will ensure that people have access to the information they need.

I'm a returned Peace Corps volunteer who spent several years living in the mountains of Tanzania. You could see Mt. Kilimanjaro from the path leading up to my home, and you could see the glacier at the top slowly melting away as the planet warmed. I've seen with my own eyes the dangers that climate change poses to the Third World and the rest of the planet.

After I got back to the US, I worked for an environmental group in San Francisco that helps indigenous peoples fight against oil exploration in the Amazon. Together, we were able to fight back the oil companies and protect the rain forest and the people who live there, at least for the time being. Now I have a boring desk job, but I still give back to the community by being active in local Democratic clubs, campaigns, and the county central committee.

I'm currently working on a Green New Deal Crash Course, which will be a series of articles designed to get activists up to speed on the technical aspects of the fight against climate change. This is a huge and complex task, with countless problems that need to be solved, but the solutions are within reach. Our task as activists is to learn what those solutions are and then hammer our elected officials over the head with them until they become a reality.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the convention, and hope I can earn your votes.

Keep fighting the good fight.

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