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Ben Shapiro and Nordic Social Democracy

Ben Shapiro makes two points in criticizing Nordic Model social democracy.

First, he says that it won't work here because we are not ethnically homogeneous. This is total bullshit, taken directly from the Alt-Right playbook. It's also racist. He's suggesting that the existence of black people makes it impossible for programs like Social Security and Medicare to work. Since we have such programs in our multi-cultural society, his claim can be dismissed. How will having an ethnically diverse society cause Medicare-for-All to fail? I need an explanation.

Second, he points out that tax rates are high in Nordic countries. But, he doesn't point out that those higher taxes pay for real benefits. They have free childcare, free healthcare, and free college. So, necessary expenses are just shifted from one column to another on the spreadsheet. In America, we pay the same amount (actually, we pay MORE), only it goes to the private sector. No one has student loan debt there. You don't have to pay a babysitter. You don't have to pay for health insurance or doctors visits after taxes. While it's technically true that taxes are higher, it's also misleading. Also, the minimum—the MINIMUM—pension for a retiree in Norway, for instance, is about twice the AVERAGE benefits received by an American drawing Social Security. The quality of healthcare is far better in all Nordic countries than in America, and is actually cheaper. Putting aside whether the money is paid to government for healthcare or paid to private corporations, per capita Americans pay more for healthcare than Nordic countries do. They pay less for healthcare and get better quality care than us. Also, in all of the Nordic Countries, they guarantee a month of paid leave each year, 30 days leave with pay. In Norway, women are guaranteed more than 7 months paid maternity leave, with FULL PAY. When you consider the benefits they receive, it more than balances.

The Nordic Model isn't perfect. It doesn't really go far enough. They need to impliment land value tax and universal basic income, for starters. Nevertheless, the Nordic Model of social democracy is far better than the American system in just about every way, which is why the Nordic countries outrank us in the indexes that measure human happiness, well-being, health, economic liberty, and democracy. And the irony is that the Nordic Model is very nearly what the American Founding Fathers actually wanted.

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