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Bad Belief Leads to Bad Behavior

Wrong belief is sinful and is a personal fault. It is sin because "ideas have consequences" and bad belief leads to bad behavior.

Believing in Christianity, being conservative, supporting the Republican Party, or being a Trump-supporter absolutely is sin and it does make you a bad person in regards to that aspect of your character. Supporting Trump because you choose to be opinionated about shit you don't understand, because you never bothered to educate yourself, is unethical. If you don't understand the economics and ethical arguments behind progressive taxation and marginal tax rates (which you absolutely don't understand if you are conservative), then shut the fuck up and sit in the back seat. Don't go to the voting booth if you are uninformed. If you don't understand the economically destructive nature of Trump's policies (tarrifs, wall spending, tax cuts on wealthy) and how such policies are inflationary and could even lead to hyperinflation, then don't fucking vote. If you don't understand the science of evolution, don't bash Darwinism. If you don't understand climate science, don't weigh in on global warming. Don't comment about how Ocasio-Cortez is stupid. She's not. It's her opposition that is completely ignorant and uninformed about every single issue. Do us all a favor, either get informed about policy issues or take a back seat and don't get involved in politics (don't offer your opinion and don't vote). Seriously, you're just making the world a worse place for everyone. And that's unethical. Voting Republican absolutely is unethical.

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