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The Western Australia Liberal Party’s attempts to hold onto power by entering into a preference deal with Divided Nation has back fired badly, both for the Liberal Party and Divided Nation. Hanson’s party has been able to ride on the coattails of increasing levels of dissatisfaction with a political process that for far too long has put corporate interests before public interests.

Unfortunately, for those Australians who have put their faith in the divisive policies of Divided Nation, pitting Australian against Australian, and all those other registered political parties that see the “other”, not the concentration of the ownership of the means of production, distribution, exchange and communication in the hands of fewer and fewer people, as the problem their major policies reflect the policies of the Liberal / National Party.

Nothing highlights this more than their attitude to the Trade Union Movement and the role social security plays in this country. They are yesterday’s people promoting yesterday’s policies. In contrast, Public Interests Before Corporate Interests (PIBCI) is an inclusive political party that sees the other as our strength. Irrespective of the differences between us whether it’s language, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, whether we were born here, are immigrants or refugees, we as a community face the same problems.

It’s time a political party that promotes the interests of the public as a whole before the interests of unaccountable corporations whose major responsibility is to create ever increasing profits for their major shareholders irrespective of the human, social, environmental and national costs gained a toehold in this country’s political processes and debate.

We can't do this without you. Under current Federal Electoral laws we require 550 PIBCI members on the Australian Electoral Roll before we can apply for registration as a Federal Political Party. Currently we have 320 PIBCI members who satisfy that criteria. We need another 230 PIBCI members on the electoral roll before we can apply for registration.

• If you think the same way we do,
• If you think public interests should always be put before corporate interests,
• If you think the time has come for a creditable challenge to the two party system that unites us, not divides us


• Download the application form from
• Email PIBCI for an application form at
• Call us on 0439 395 489 for an application form

If you are already a PIBCI member, please encourage your family and friends to join.

Dr. Joseph Toscano – Secretary / Convenor Public Interests Before Corporate Interests

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